About Us

Let’s know more about Latent Lighthouse.

It’s good to see that someone showing interest about us. We just wanna say Thank You.

The Beginning

At first Latent Lighthouse know as Latent Lighthouse Studios. Finally in 2022 we drop the Studios. Now it’s only Latent Lighthouse.

Latent Lighthouse was first started back in 2019 as a android game developer and publisher. At this time our CEO is the only one who was working and managed to published some games on Google Play Store. But get nothing in return. Soon he realize we need recourses and not to mention money to grow. Then he started to working as a freelancer. After 10-12 month he heired some employees to work together.

In 2021 we manage to partnered with some startups and small business. And our CEO think we’re now able to provide more quality services to the world. With that vision we move on and always push ourselves to the edge to became more perfect with our work.

Finally from April 2021 we’re offering services like Graphics Design, Website Design and Development, Company Branding, Android Game Design and Development, etc. And there is a lot in line to come in future. We’re always working to make our services better and serve our clients and customers an excellent experience.

Our Mission

As we all know, you can’t make anything perfect. But, we’re always trying to make every work better. We’re have bunch of experienced people who can provide a better experience with your digital product.

We, Latent Lighthouse are here to provide you the best Digital Product experience with very pocket friendly budget. Sounds crazy, Right? Just contact us or chat with us about your project. It’s Free.